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O Projeto - Sightseeing in my city

In the initial project we are 5 European schools that want to participate in our efforts to increase students' knowledge and interests - Geography, History - on issues related to the cultural heritage of our country. 

Moreover, in a world where globalization tends to ignore their national heritage, we need our students to return to their roots, knowing the traditions and traditions passed down from generation to generation. Our opinion is that if you do not know your roots, you do not know your foundation, and if you do not know your foundation, you will never be successful.

For this reason, we want our students to develop their patriotic feelings, to look at their backgrounds and origins, and at the same time to open their horizons to other cultures and features. Each school participating in this preparatory activity will have at least 30 students and will work in groups on these topics. During exchanges, they will organize events with guests, make presentations, guide cultural visits, and create assessment forms for guests to see how effective their business is. After the exchanges, they will select and adjust the materials in the brochure titled “European cultural heritage”, which will be one of the outputs of the project, under the coordination of their teachers. The main objective of the project is increasing the cultural and the intercultural awareness of all actors participating in its implementation.

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